Tackle cancer with your phone

We’re making cancer healing mobile with the Cancer Dojo mobile app. Currently in development, this app will enable you to do creative exercises, get tips and gifts and tap into all kinds of visual and audio cancer thwarting content 24/7, giving you the tools you need to bounce cancer right out the park!

A sneak preview

Get the app

The Cancer Dojo app is currently in development and scheduled for release in February 2017. Get notified when it goes live below.

Other tools

Cancer Dojo Happiness Program

Conn and his team run 1 to 5 day Health & Happiness programs for people facing cancer. These Happy People Are Harder to kill programs include talks, workshops, workbooks and cancer beating content.

Happy people hard to kill

Work Books

Cancer Dojo Workbooks are a great way to start participating in your own healing in a non-threatening upbeat way that can engender a more positive cancer outcome. And it’s a whole lot of fun!

Cancer Dojo Talks

We run 1 hour talks that change mindsets and provide creative tools and techniques to enable people facing cancer to shift their thinking and actively participate in their own healing for a more positive cancer outcome.

Conn speaking at If