Increase the cancer survival rate

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We aim to increase the global cancer survival rate, one playful mind at a time. Studies show that playing an active role in your own healing has beneficial effects on your well-being, resilience and positive cancer outcome.

We create tools and stimulus to empower people to achieve this: Both people facing cancer, and their many supporters and loved ones.

We’re on a mission to change the way the world views and deals with cancer. Our growing list of partners, collaborators and global platforms attest to our commitment and medically supported approach. Join our purpose as we generate and build a powerful bank of content, information, mobile apps and other sneaky tricks to help people engage with their cancer in a positive immune boosting way.


Boosters do just that – they help humans connect, visualise or engage with their cancer – And come in many different forms, shapes and sizes – but all are shown to make the human brain (and therefore body) happier, more relaxed, less stressed, more agile and healing friendly. This is powerful stuff! – Get an extra boost when you share them with someone else who needs them! Yeah, we’re rockin! You can subscribe here for a sample.


The imagine project in partnership with Google, JWT Global and friends around the world is the first stepping stone into the Cancer Dojo way of thinking. It’s the simple practice of interpreting your cancer in a way that makes it imaginable, relatable and ultimately beatable, to you. Scroll through some of our #imagineyourcancer pics below and get some inspiration to create your own!

Then send em to us as a donation at for further optimisation and disemination to the people who need them. You will rock our world, and theirs!