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doctor's notes?

The Dojo Thinking way is backed by some of the leading minds of the medical world.

"At last a brilliant App that helps a lay person to understand and to thoroughly engage with his or her cancer on a creative, self-healing path."

Dr Tom Sutcliffe, The Red Cross Children's Hospital Trustee, Chairman ­ Mental Health Review Board, Provincial Government Western Cape Former Head, Western Cape Government Health

"A vital step in any cancer journey is to be empowered to face it's many challenges. Conn's journey inspires and empowers."

Dr Garth Davids, Oncologist, GVI Oncology Rondebosch

"Cancer Dojo is a worthy endeavour to give practical effect of the application of these new (Pyschoneuroimmunology) insights to those affected by this challenging (cancer) condition of whom Conn Bertish is a noteworthy exemplar."

Dr Claudius van Wyk - M. Phil (Applied Ethics), M.Sc (O.B.), D.Sc. (Alt.Med.) - Member Scientific and Medical Network (UK)

"Conn is another remarkable member of the extraordinary Bertish clan – the clan that does not understand the word, impossible. We all need inspirational stories in our moments of doubt and despair. Conn's example in the face of a potentially debilitating cancer provides a message for all of us. In this App, Conn puts all his experience at your service."

Professor Tim Noakes – Director of the South African Medical Research Council